StayTeen: Helping Youths Make Informed Decisions Regarding Their Future


The 411: Since 2006, was the #1 website for adolescents, motivating these to take pleasure in their youth and also make life’s greatest alternatives, like when to have sexual intercourse, once they’re completely ready, sufficient reason for a revamped appearance, they may be doing that a lot better than ever.

Whenever adolescents desire somewhere to go to learn about intercourse, pregnancy, interactions and so on, they do not really visit government internet sites. They need somewhere of one’s own, which is exactly why was formed.

For the past nine years, keep teenage has become the go-to resource for teenagers, a special just right the world-wide-web only for all of them in which they are able to get information that addresses the issues they love many without which makes them feel embarrassed or embarrassed.

Now, Stay teenage is debuting a whole new appearance and a few fresh characteristics, with a major focus being quality content.

“we are truly stoked up about it because we have now learned much by what all of our market needs and wants, and in addition we’ve especially placed a focus on society,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, manager of marketing and sales communications. “we understand teenagers love to mention this stuff, but in a spot that is safe and non-judgmental, therefore we made an actual work on concentrating on permitting kids to comment on producing an area in which capable ask many concerns and watch solutions.”

Remain Teen’s people range in many years from 13 to 17, but the web site adapts its articles according to get older level and circumstance. Commensurate with this motif, Stay Teen will give you more content material which is written by kids, such as topics like avoiding pregnancy and soon you’re ready, building healthier interactions, dealing with breakups and more.

“All of those issues that deal with sex, connections, internet dating and anything under that huge umbrella is really everything we explore, so we try to concentrate on doing it such that is quite teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika said.

We talked with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details by what the newest site entails, and the winning sources keep Teen continues to offer.

Placing teens within the driver’s seat

While keep teenage’s most well known article is “Am I Able To become pregnant If…?” new web site will take care of an even broader selection of subject areas, for instance the risks of unprotected sex, how to pick the most effective sorts of birth prevention for you personally and the ways to talk about those issues with your physician.

“That post features truly revealed united states our target is actually exploring sex and their sexuality, and they’re undecided precisely what the outcomes are with this specific conduct,” Sheets Pika said.

Although not everything is switching.

Remain Teen continues to have some very nice characteristics having always been beneficial to the audience, including their own health Center Finder that helps kids locate physicians nearby as well as the Process Explorer which allows adolescents to learn about various forms of birth-control and which one might work perfect for them.

“We think this is really beneficial to teenagers because most of the time, they wouldn’t like their unique moms and dads knowing they truly are obtaining birth-control, so they really are trying to ascertain somewhere they are able to get that’s low-cost, non-judgmental many destination they’re able to stroll or bus to,” she mentioned. “All of our aim is put adolescents when you look at the motorist’s chair with teaching themselves on different types of strategies. All of our message is actually we want that enjoy your teen years and postpone intercourse until you’re really prepared, that could mean when you are earlier.”

Connecting the difference between teens and parents

From helpful services to enjoyable video games to collaborative activities, just like the 14th Annual nationwide time to avoid teenage Pregnancy that encourages folks to think about just how an unexpected pregnancy would change their unique resides, kids and moms and dads alike tend to be given plenty of reliable information through Stay teenage.

“adolescents are learning about items that they didn’t normally discover more about, and even more significantly, these are typically speaing frankly about this site the help of its pals, making use of their men and, believe it or not, employing parents,” Sheets Pika stated. “All of our aim will be have significantly more available and sincere talks among adolescents and parents.”

To see Stay teenage’s brand new website and learn more about the awesome things they are doing, visit

Photos: Copyright The Nationwide Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy.

Date: ตุลาคม 3, 2022

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